Club Member Vinny Sagoo Publishes New Book

Congratulations to our club member Vinny Sagoo who has self published his latest book - “Mind The Maths Magic”.

Currently available to pre-order via his magic company website - Neo Magic at:

”Mind The Maths Magic” is a fun maths magic tricks book that is supported with online videos and pdf downloadables.

His Neo Magic site features his previous books and many magic effects that can be purchased with free shipping.

This new book is an exciting new venture for Vinny and he told the club -

"Maths magic has featured heavily in a 'number' of my commercial tricks. This book is packed with 45 easy maths based tricks using dice, cards, dominoes, coins and even paperclips. These are old principles that I have collected over the years, which are now incorporated into a single book. This is aimed at the beginner, or someone who is new to maths magic. Irrespective of your skill level, I am sure that you will find something to tickle your brain". - Vinny Sagoo “Neo Magic”

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