Club Night Report - 08/09/21 - Kozmo

Tonight we had a good turnout with many of our members joining us via Zoom for our guest lecture with Kozmo - famed New York based street magician.

The talk lasted approx 90 mins with lots of opportunities for all participants to follow the lecture and interact. As per Kosmo's wishes, more of a chat than lecture as he wished to use the opportunity to hang out with fellow magicians. He definitely enjoyed his time with us and commented that we had been most welcoming and keen to ask questions.

LMN founder Pete Whitmore did a great job introducing Kozmo and summarising Kozmo's career history to date - setting the scene well for an excellent club night.

Kozmo discussed many aspects of his career and effects as an experienced lecturer who has hosted some 150 talks to date.

We were lucky to see him present many coin/card routines and techniques. While doing so, talking about why he does his routine, his goals and even audience management. A very insightful talk with loads of information shared.

Yet another excellent evening hosted by the club. Thank you to Kozmo for the fantastic lecture.

Kozmo - Street Magician

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Coin Routine

Our members with Kozmo

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