Founder Interviews 1: Adam Edgeley

Earlier this year, the founders of the club were interviewed to promote LMN.

Four interviews were conducted with the founders and this is the first post that was written with Adam Edgeley.

We will also post the other interviews with Ian Gamage, Pete Whitmore and Scot Jerram over the coming weeks.

Within this interview, Adam Edgeley talks about his book, performing and of course the Magic Circle.

Adam is one of the UK's most entertaining and popular magicians and is always in high demand.

As a close-up magician, he performs at wedding receptions, corporate events and parties bringing his own style of unique magic and humour to your event. He is a natural-born performer and is always excited to put his skills to the test in front of a crowd or conduct workshops for LMN.

Thanks to Adam for taking the time to chat about his career.

Magic Seats - Thanks for joining us today Adam. It is great to have a chat with you as one of the founders of the Leicester Magicians Network and member of the Magic Circle.

What's your story Adam, how did you first develop an interest in magic?

Adam Edgeley - First of all, may I thank you for this interview you are doing a fantastic job.

I've always enjoyed magic and I, like many others, used to watch the Paul Daniels magic show every week; my Mum and Dad had a Betamax video and I used to record every show without fail on Betamax. Yes - that's how old I am!

Due to finding a job and raising two kids, my magic took a back seat as I got older. What I didn't realise at the time is that I would spend the next 20 years in the same job, although I always had an interest in magic. It wasn't until much later in life that my love for magic took off again.

Sorry Adam - appears to be VHS only!

Magic Seats - I have to say that I remember Betamax so you’re not alone. Though my parents went VHS!

As a full time professional who performs and entertains, you have of course also published a book called “Keep Calm and Perform Magic”, to assist performers who suffer from nerves, anxiety and stage fright. This must have been quite an undertaking and perhaps difficult.

What was your motivation to write this book?

Adam Edgeley - In 2014 I was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety. I locked myself away for months, left my job and faced some of the darkest moments in my life.

It was during this time I picked up a few of my magic books and started studying magic again. However it wasn't that easy, I couldn't get the courage to perform due to my anxiety. I would get sweaty hands, shake, dry mouth and generally avoided performing for quite some time.

After a while, I felt that I was feeling a little better and was asked by my local magic club to lecture. I started to write a few lecture notes to accompany the lecture however halfway through decided to turn my work into a book.

Hopefully, it has and will help people in the same situation I was in.

Magic Seats - I am sure that many performers have found your book very helpful. Such a great achievement it can be purchased via your store. I know that you have just achieved something else very special. You have recently achieved a lifelong ambition to join the Magic Circle.

What advice would you give others who are perhaps sitting on the fence or needing encouragement to attempt to join?

Adam Edgeley - Go for it, I was made to feel at ease right from the beginning. They have a fantastic examination team run by Bob Pound who made the entire process as smooth as possible. There is also a fantastic Facebook page for those of you who are waiting to take your exam.

Magic Seats - Congratulations on achieving your ambition to join the Magic Circle. It’s deserved and I would put money on the fact that the cups and balls featured in your interview - your favourite!

Adam Edgeley - Yes mate, I did it to music and it was the last effect I performed for the examination.

Magic Seats - I've been lucky to attend your workshops on the cups and balls and have a jam with you.

What is it about the cups and balls that holds so much interest for you?

Adam Edgeley - Great question, I'm not exactly sure is my honest answer, I guess it's the history behind the effect as well as performing it. Not only that it can be performed virtually anywhere and in most situations. I also enjoy collecting the different cups, like most magicians I can get a bit obsessed with buying props.

Magic Seats - I know it gets addictive buying magic related things. £30 here, then another £50 and more etc! And of course, buying magic related items needs income.

As a professional magician, how have you kept busy over lockdown?

Adam Edgeley - It's been difficult, one thing I have found is that I'm revisiting old effects that I didn't at the time think would be commercial enough for my repertoire, however, I was wrong.

Lockdown has taught me a lot, classic effects are classic for a reason. As mentioned above I finally got round to joining The Magic Circle and for the last few months, I have been working on my audition.

Magic Seats - It certainly sounds like you have kept busy. And you cannot beat the classic effects.

What's next for the future. Any plans that you can share?

Adam Edgeley - At the moment nothing, I’m just looking forward to getting back to performing in the real world. I normally like to set myself a goal each year however there’s nothing in the pipeline as yet.

Adam (L) with two of the other LMN founders - Ian Gamage (M) and Pete Whitmore (R)

Magic Seats - Thanks Adam for taking the time to chat with us today and share your experiences. It has been really good to catch up.

To book Adam or learn more about his services, take a look at his website and social sites below.

Information about the Leicester Magicians Network that Adam is a founder of is below the links and video.

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