Member Experience - “Why I Joined LMN” By Martin Brophy

Updated: Sep 28

As a non performer with an interest in magic, I always believed that despite my passion for the subject, I would never pass any entrance exam to join a magic club.

While I hope to be able to perform magic more myself in future, it is all a question of time. Much of my available time is spent on running a magic website, magic blogs and promoting the live performance of magic. I am also a keen collector of signed magic related items and I am also very interested in the theory of magic. It’s fair to say that you don’t necessarily have to be a performer to have a great interest in magic.

In the Autumn of 2020, I was surprised to see an online ad for a magic club that had a unique approach. A club that encourages anyone from all walks of life to join with a simple application process and no interview. The main criteria requires that you have a genuine interest in magic. I had previously dismissed the idea of joining such a club, thinking I would not be eligible. This time things seemed different though…

LMN club logo

Joining this club has opened up so many opportunities for me. I have had many invites to join lectures and excellent workshops hosted by guests, club members and founders.

A key element of the club is friendships as well as magic. Meetings with like minded people and we are based in Leicester. We all regularly stay in contact with our own group chat.

As well as connections and friendship, the LMN also provides many unique opportunities for all members. I have had the chance to organise and introduce a Richard Jones pro lecture, contribute regularly and run the club blog and even write an interactive one hour session about “The Golden Age Of Magic“ that I presented to the club.

The club founders and members have also supported my “Magic Seats” website with interviews and connections. Another benefit of joining in my case. The club has helped expand my knowledge is so many areas of magic and continues to help grow my passion for my hobby.

The club is growing fast and we are currently enjoying the freedom of our excellent new club room which is at the “Leicester Railwaymen’s Club”. We also have online zoom meeting facilities as and when required which we used a lot during the last year.

The historic “Leicester Railwaymen’s Club”.

I have also found the membership model to be very straight forward with a low joining fee and yearly subs. Most lectures and workshops are free for members and only the odd pro lecture attracts a small fee.

Workshops cover many areas of magic and have included cups and balls, coins, card magic and many other topics.

If you are sitting on the fence and had previously wanted to join such a club, I would encourage you to get in touch with LMN. They also welcome guests via arrangement to join club nights and sample what we have to offer.

Joining just requires the submission of a simple application form where you answer questions about your passion for magic. If accepted, you then pay the fees and receive a membership pack.

That’s my story and experience of joining such a fantastic club. We hope to share some more member experiences soon.

Please see below for contacts and joining.

Shae (L) performing card magic for me

The club is always actively recruiting new members.

For more details if you wish to attend, you can contact here. Should you be interested in joining our club, please visit our “join us” page.



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